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Match Day Movie, USC Keck School of Medicine, 2013

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The infamous “Match Day” is when all graduating medical students in the country find out who hired them for residency training. What’s it really like? Now you can see for yourself. Here is USC Keck School of Medicine’s Match Day, March 15, 2013. Enjoy the genuine reaction from our very own podcast guest, Guy Carmelli. Congrats Guy, and all of the newly matched doctors across the country!

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P = MD Response from Diana

Jessica Mason interviews Diana, from Chicago Medical School, about the pros and cons of their letter grading system. You’ve heard Jess and Jenny’s take on pass/fail, now let’s hear what a letter graded system is like from a student that’s been experiencing it!

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Tales from the Interview Trail ENT

Tales from the Interview Trail is our newest series of podcasts where we discuss advice, tips, and amusing tidbits from various specialties. To kick it off, Jess and Jenny interview ENT applicant Brian Cervenka, whose interview season was filled with pressure-tests you thought only happened on primetime doctor dramas.

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P = MD

Jessica Mason and Jenny Farah deliver another impassioned episode about the grading systems used in medical schools. Pass/fail, letter grades, and other options are used by different schools across the country. What’s best? As usual, we’ll tell you some data and then what WE think.


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